Working at Rossell Techsys is an exhilarating experience, where professional and personal growth is nurtured in an environment of openness and trust, and where team-work thrives. A common trait of all staff members is a sense of balance between being capable, thorough and dynamic professionals as well as being good human beings. All staff members display high levels of integrity, dedication, passion and self-motivation in whatever they do – be it working on a technical challenge for a tough, demanding customer or driving the business operations of the company, whether interacting with prospective clients or brainstorming strategies for the future of Rossell Techsys. Our staff get things done.

At Rossell Techsys, employees are valued and remuneration is commensurate with capability and capacity. Employees are encouraged to pursue programs that equip them with higher levels of skill, and are provided support in order to do so. The work environment recognizes and rewards the contributions and achievements of our employees, while at the same time laying emphasis on fairness and equity, without discrimination or prejudice. Rossell Techsys adopts fair employment practices and ensures there is no discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, affiliations, language, race or ethnic origin. Rossell Techsys encourages diversity factor in staff demographics and safeguards against any kind of harassment at work.

Rossell Techsys advocates work-life balance and hence has adopted a 5 day work week, even in manufacturing. Most of our HR policies and practices are designed and developed based on best practices derived from Industry research findings and contemporary HR practices. In fact, employees are treated not as a mere resource but as "Human Capital", nurtured and well taken care of. It is also recognized that whatever is achieved shall be because of the talents, skills, competencies and attributes of this most prized asset – "Human Capital".

Rossell Techsys provides subsidized cafeteria facilities.